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Looking for a Universal Studios Travel Agent Near Philadelphia, PA?

Are you looking for a Universal Studios travel agent in Philadelphia, PA? Score the hottest Universal Studios vacation packages and Universal Orlando travel packages with the help of Sunshine Dreams Travel! We are an all-around travel agency that serves clients from Delaware to DC. We can book vacations for anyone living in the US, Mexico, Canada, or Puerto Rico. Just call our Universal travel agent phone number so we can set you up for the dream vacation you deserve!


Some of the traits that make our travel agents an excellent choice are:


  • Honesty: Your travel agent should create a vacation package that suits your needs. Our team at Sunshine Dreams Travel will be honest and transparent about the available packages to help you get the Universal Studios vacation that’s right for you.
  • Friendliness: Our team is friendly and personable, which can help make booking your Universal Studios vacation a pleasant experience.
  • Skillfulness: Go for a skilled, experienced travel agent. You’d want someone who can give you the best insider tips and tricks.

If you want an honest, friendly, and skilled agent, then get in touch with us at (301) 573-0706!

Our Universal Studios Vacation Packages

Are you in the market for Universal Studios vacation packages? Here are some benefits of working with a Sunshine Dreams Travel agent:


  • Early Admission: One advantage of working with an agent is getting early admission. Take advantage of packages that offer early admission to sites like Volcano Bay and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Unless it’s a slow day, it’s almost impossible to get early access to these sites on your own.
  • Hassle-Free Experience: Perhaps the best benefit of getting Universal Studios vacation packages is the fact that you won’t have to do anything. Just tell your travel agent what you’re looking for, browse through their recommendations, book a date, and then wait for the day to come. Easy, right? If you want the hottest Universal Studios vacation packages, look no further than Sunshine Dreams Travel! We serve clients in and around Delaware. Dial (301) 573-0706 now to get in touch with one of our travel agents.

Our All-Inclusive Universal Orlando Travel Packages

For the best Universal Orlando travel packages, reach out to Sunshine Dreams Travel! We are a company that can help you plan your Universal Studios vacation, and we cater to clients in and around Delaware. What sets us a notch above the rest is our passion for creating the best personalized Universal Orlando travel packages.


First, you’ll meet with one of our experienced travel agents in Philadelphia, PA. Next, we’ll assess your needs to find out what Universal Orlando travel packages best suit you. Afterward, we’ll review all the available options and narrow them down to which ones we feel you might like. Finally, just give us the OK and we’ll set the date for your trip! To get started, call our phone number: (301) 573-070.

Call Our Universal Travel Agent Phone Number Now!

How much do Universal Studios vacation packages cost? Well, you don’t have to make a wild guess! Sunshine Dreams Travel is a travel agency in Philadelphia, PA that provides various vacation packages. Whether it’s a trip to Universal Studios or a cruise to the Caribbean, our experienced travel agents can help! So if you want to know how much your trip would cost, just give us a call and we’ll give you a sample budget plan to refer to!


We proudly book vacations for anyone living in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.


Are you ready to work with the best travel agent teams in and around Delaware? Then call our Sunshine Dreams Travel phone number: (301) 573-0706.

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