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Looking for a Caribbean Travel Agent Near Pittsburgh, PA?

Score the best Caribbean vacation deals at Sunshine Dreams Travel! We are a  company that primarily serves clients from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, whether they’re from Virginia or Quebec. What sets us a cut above the competition is our ability to understand our clients’ needs. In fact, you can count on us to provide you with all-inclusive Caribbean vacations and Caribbean vacation packages customized to suit you and your loved ones! To schedule a trip with us, dial (301) 573-0706 to speak to one of our Caribbean travel agents in Pittsburgh, PA.


We proudly book vacations for anyone living in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

Our All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacations Packages

Should you go on all-inclusive Caribbean vacations? Here are some of the benefits of working with an agency that provides Caribbean cruises:


  • Hassle-Free: Let’s face it, planning an out-of-town getaway can be quite a headache. But by opting for all-inclusive Caribbean vacations, you won’t have to worry about anything! Just have your travel agent finalize the trip’s details and then wait for the special day to come. Very easy, right?
  • Value for Money: You’ll be surprised at the level of luxury all-inclusive Caribbean vacations can give you. Indulge in refreshing poolside drinks, relaxing spa sessions, and glorious meals at a competitive, affordable price.
  • Carefully Planned: Travel agent companies have the skills and expertise to create exciting all-inclusive Caribbean vacations. Their network and insider knowledge allows them to create a much better travel plan than someone with no experience could on their own.

Looking for the hottest all-inclusive Caribbean vacations? Then reach out to Sunshine Dreams Travel! Our travel agent in Pittsburgh, PA will hook you up with a package that suits your needs and budget.

Other Caribbean Vacation Packages

So how much do Caribbean vacation packages cost? Generally, that depends on what time of the year you plan to leave. Most Caribbean vacation packages start to drop in price around summertime. And they continue to drop until the hurricane season is over. Meanwhile, cruises are generally the most expensive during the cold, winter months. After all, the best time to go on a Caribbean cruise would be during the holidays.


Airfare and hotel accommodation also play a huge role. If there are a lot of you going on vacation, then you’ll obviously have to pay more. But you can also take advantage of your high headcount by snagging group Caribbean vacation packages. Ask your travel agent if they can find good deals on group vacation packages.


Having trouble finding Caribbean vacation packages that are actually worth it? Then get in touch with Sunshine Dreams Travel! We are a reputable, reliable travel agency that serves clients in and around Virginia. Drop us a call at (301) 573-0706 so we can brief you on our travel packages.

Get the Best Caribbean Vacation Deals with Sunshine Dreams Travel

For the best Caribbean vacation deals on the market, look no further than Sunshine Dreams Travel! Here are some of the reasons why we’re one of the best travel agent companies in and around Virginia:


  • Unbeatable Customer Service: We’ll provide you with nothing but excellent service with a smile all throughout the process. From the moment you inquire about the best Caribbean vacation deals up to the moment you return home, you can count us!
  • Understanding Team: What allows our travel agent teams to provide the best Caribbean vacation deals is their ability to understand the client’s needs. We will consider everything, including your needs, special requests, the preferred mode of transportation, and of course, budget.
  • Reliable Customer Support: Do you have a question about our Caribbean vacation deals? Then give us a call! Our lines are open every day from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM so feel free to contact us whenever you need to.

To learn more about us and our Caribbean vacation packages, dial (301) 573-0706. Our travel agent team in Pittsburgh, PA would love to hear from you!

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